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Explore popular destinations with WTFARES city guides

Koh samui
Santorini, Greece

View all WTFFARES city guides » provides affordable hotels arrangements in Seychelles, Dubai, Paris, Phuket etc. Whether it’s a family holiday or a honeymoon customers can book online and choose from a wide range of hotels on our online booking engine. We also have specific tour and sightseeing arrangements in Dubai, Paris, Seychelles, Phuket, India thereby helping you plan your perfect holiday package. Flights, cars, hotels, bus, are all available for booking online. We’re known for planning perfect honeymoon packages including candle light dinners on the beaches of Seychelles to scuba experiences in Phuket or a Lunch on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Honeymooners can also unwind on the private beaches of La digue, praslin and mahe islands of Seychelles. A holiday package to Dubai would include experiences at the mighty Atlantis, Dune bashing on hummers, and at the top Burj Khalifa. Dubai tour packages will also include a one day trip to Abudhabi Ferrari world and a visit to the grand Mosque. Dubai hotels are well known for their hospitality and world class infrastructure providing travellers a large array of services to choose from.

Tour Packages booked from India can be customized to an extent that you can hire your own car, or say book a ride on hot air balloon.

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